iCD. Error tracking guide

Customer access to the error tracking system

User guide:
Errors are handled via the Projectile project management system. To begin, please type https://www.icd.eu/projectile/start into your address bar or simply click the link.

Login: use the same user name and password you have always used for the iCD. website.

Tracking processes that have already been logged:
Once you have logged in, click “Product management” (1) on the left hand side, followed by the sub-item “Main components” (2). The project numbers which the logged-in user is permitted to add reports to or to track will appear (3).

Select the required project number (by clicking the data set) to open the component and view the list of reports. Click on a report to view the details.

Adding a new report:
Click Product management/quick entry (1) to view the screen in which you can enter the required information to submit a report. You must enter at least the following information:

  • Name (free text field),
  • Long description (free text field),
  • Type (drop-down menu),
  • Priority (drop-down menu),
  • Component (drop-down menu), please confirm using the green tick.

Please note that “Name” refers to the title of the error (2). Click “Confirm and save” at the bottom of the screen to submit (3).

If you have not filled in all the required information, a message will appear at the top of the screen indicating the information that is missing. Once you have submitted the report, a confirmation will appear at the top of the screen indicating the error number, which you can then use to find the report in the system. At the same time, a message will be sent to the developer responsible, who is named in the workflow for the component.

If you wish to send screenshots, trace files or other information in file format, you can navigate to the report from the quick entry screen by clicking the error number indicated.

If you would like to add files at a later point, please navigate to the change request you have added via the main component. Here, click the last button (Tooltip: files) in the button bar above the screen.

A window will open, via which you can upload files. To do so, click Files (1), select one or several files via the “Search” function (2) and start uploading by clicking the Upload button (3).

Once your files have been uploaded, the file attachment screen will appear again, displaying the files you have uploaded and an upload success message.

Once you have finished working in Projectile, please log out (using the button in the button bar above the screen).

If you encounter a problem and need support, simply click “Support” on the login screen.



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