Research and development in the pharmaceutical industry

What you need from your pharmaceutical laboratory software
The development of medicinal products, which involves active substance research, development of the dosage form and preclinical and clinical phases until the final production of the finished medication, takes a great deal of time and is associated with high costs. A vast range of laboratories with a wide-ranging remit work closely as part of this process,

with research not only focusing on creating new active substances, but also on effective production. Analytical methods must be developed and validated alongside this process

to test the active substance. The dosage form is developed and its effectiveness determined. If the medication is approved and produced, the methods must be transferred to quality control laboratories.

Our pharmaceutical technology laboratory software for your needs
The products in our extensive range are designed to make your work easier, and to save time and money. Looking for the right software for your laboratory? Why not contact us? We can advise and support you in finding the best solution for your specific problem (Contact iCD.)

Our laboratory software at a glance

Below is an overview of the tasks that can be supported by the products we offer for the pharmaceutical technology sector, saving you time and money:



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