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The many laboratory tasks of statutory authorities (e.g. environmental protection, food safety and health), but also those of utilities (e.g. drinking water and energy) should be managed by a LIMS despite their differences - from sampling to test documentation through to the results. Inspection requirements must be transferred manually or via interfaces into the LIMS, and must then trigger further inspection planning. Sampling and inspections tailored to meet the respective requirements should be proposed but also manually changed or confirmed by authorised users. Test processing should largely automated to achieve reliable results. There should be options to create and forward, or manually amend and rework analyses and reports based on these results, as required by the respective inspection order – and this should be a largely automatic process.

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The products in our varied range are designed to make the work of statutory authorities easier, and to save time and money. Looking for the right software for your laboratory? Why not contact us? We can advise and support you in finding the best solution for your specific problem (Contact iCD.)

Overview of our software solutions The following overview shows how the laboratory software we offer can help you, and how you can save time and money:

  • Hygiene monitoring (UWS)
  • Environmental monitoring (UWS)
  • Graphic and statistical evaluations, reports (LABS/Q)


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