Food industry laboratory software: Environmental monitoring

Environment and hygiene monitoring in the food industry

Support through iCD. software products.
In the food industry, in-process and continuous monitoring of the environment (e.g. wastewater, immission, emissions) and hygiene is vital. Inspection orders covering a wide range of test points and samples or personnel (e.g. random sample, sample collected over 2 hours, etc.) can be generated, processed and analysed both manually and automatically in compliance with legal and licensing requirements.Deviations automatically trigger a HACCP process and are particularly important for the continuous improvement of all processes.

Our LABS/Q laboratory software solution features a separate module for environmental and hygiene monitoring. In-process and scheduled testing can therefore be triggered automatically on 1 to n sample points by project orders. A group reporting function in connection with LABSGraphic allows for convenient graphical and statistical evaluation of the data.



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