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The main distinguishing feature of a contract laboratory is that it carry out tasks in completely different fields (e.g. environment, pollution, food, water, soil, air, textiles, building materials, and many more). What all these fields have in common, however, is the fact that they expect laboratories to have software functionality ranging from quotations to sampling and order handling, right through to reporting and billing administration. Extremely flexible price lists and a variety of ways to create analyses are very important, as is the quick, intuitive preparation of certificates of analysis, reports and other documents using various reporting tools. The connection of test equipment and analysis systems to the LIMS is also extremely important to ensure that data is transferred securely, fully documented and free of transmission errors.

Our contract lab laboratory software for your needs
The products in our extensive range are designed to make your work easier, and to save time and money. Looking for the right software for your laboratory? Why not contact us? We can advise and support you in finding the best solution for your specific problem (Contact iCD.)

Overview of our software solutions
The following overview shows how the products we offer can help you, and how you can save time and money:



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