Automotive laboratory software: Quality control

Automotive laboratory software: Quality control

Our products for quality control and quality assurance in the automotive industry
Any product is only as good as the quality of its production and testing processes. All companies are under public scrutiny, and commercial success hinges on the company’s flexibility: the flexibility to meet customer requirements, and production costs. Processes in the laboratory must be quick and reliable, as these are among the key success factors for any company. Interfaces to an ERP system, MES or PMS and to external systems (e.g. customers, suppliers) are essential. Quality control/assurance tasks are performed throughout the production process, from goods receipt to in-process inspections, to delivery and storage, and right through to deviation management.

Our laboratory software products be used to support quality control and quality assurance tasks, and therefore save you time and money. The following overview indicates which laboratory software can be used to meet your specific requirements:

  • Management of specifications, log plans, methods (LABS/Q)
  • Revalidation of a reworked method(VALIDAT/Method validation)
  • Inspection order handling/deviation management/stability (LABS/Q)
  • Method transfer and round robin tests (VALIDAT)
  • Graphic and statistical evaluations, reports (LABS/Q)
  • Certificate management and distribution (LABS/Q)


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