VALIDAT Laboratory Software for Round Robin Tests

Quality assurance through round robin tests
In addition to method validation, method transfer, and test and measurement equipment monitoring, round robin tests are also considered an element of quality assurance. This test approach involves measuring identical samples with known contents in different labs (internal or external) and comparing the measurement results. This allows conclusions to be drawn regarding the measurement accuracy, the quality of the laboratories involved and the usefulness of the process/method. In accordance with the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, or as part of state licensing procedures, accredited test laboratories must regularly participate in round robin tests to prove that they are delivering the expected quality with respect to measurement results. However, round robin tests are also necessary within a company to ensure continuous quality assurance, for example in cases where equivalent products are produced and tested in different countries or operations.

Planning round robin tests using VALIDAT
Planning round robin tests, distributing the information/samples among the laboratories involved, adhering to deadlines, collecting measurement results and graphically and statistically evaluating them, and creating and distributing reports involves a considerable workload. There is also significant room for error in creating and distributing the information involved. Particularly when used in combination with applications such as our LABS/Q® LIMS, VALIDAT laboratory software for round robin tests makes these extensive tasks considerably easier. Automatic processes for planning, distribution of tasks, recording and importing of measurements, and deadline and integrity monitoring, automatic statistical and graphical evaluation and assessment, and report creation and distribution reduce the effort involved in the implementation of a round robin project to a minimum through the use of VALIDAT.


  • Planning and distribution of tasks

    Round robin tests can be created in VALIDAT on the basis of templates or information from a LIMS (e.g. LABS/Q®)
    . The related data is then transmitted to the laboratories involved, e.g. via email. In conjunction with the LABS/Q® LIMS, samples are also created, labelled and dispatched to the laboratories, together with a cover letter.

  • Processing of samples and reporting of measurements

    Samples are then processed in line with the specifications in the affected laboratories, the measurements taken and the measurement results forwarded to VALIDAT. The measurement results can be imported via interfaces or recorded manually. Deadline and integrity monitoring is performed in VALIDAT.

  • Calculation, evaluation and reporting

    Once all results have been received, the measurement results are calculated, evaluated and assessed. After this, the report can be created and distributed.



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