LABS Suite is our flexible laboratory software for Industry 4.0

The new trend toward Industry 4.0 / Laboratory 4.0
Economic considerations and legal specifications means that laboratories are no longer able to escape the digital development toward Industry 4.0. This refers to the complete digitisation of work processes, their horizontal and vertical integration into the company, and the analysability of information arising within the value creation chain of a company.

LABS Suite – our Industry 4.0 software for the future
Our software platform LABS Suite provides all company levels, laboratory areas, and sites with information and functions tailored to their respective requirements, as Industry 4.0 software. We have been incorporating the experiences of our customers and our employees into our software development process for over 30 years, which has created a solid foundation for us to build on. The horizontal and vertical integration of business processes/information across various interfaces is the key focus here.

    • LABS Suite laboratory software will free you from time-consuming, error-prone routine tasks by means of automatic planning, the creation of laboratory orders (formulas/tests), the manual/automatic detection of measurements and calculation of results, and even the evaluation and allocation of reports/certificates.
    • As a result, laboratory staff can concentrate on their actual tasks and targets.
    • The utilisation of existing resources is considerably improved, and processing times significantly reduced.
    • Collaboration – both within labs and with partners – also becomes more efficient through automation and transparency. This helps prevent complaints and speeds up the development/improvement of products.


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