LABS/R – our laboratory software for synthesis optimisation

Support for all stages in the production process

From research & development to technical centres
In any sector, research and production processes are often associated with a large number of experiment series, which include a vast array of raw materials, process steps, parameters, and examinations. These production processes and subsequent examinations of products require a great deal of work and time; are prone to error; often incomplete; and very difficult to imagine without IT support.

Use LABS/R to optimise the production process
As an integration platform, LABS/R for formula and synthesis optimisation, in combination with the LABS/Q® LIMS from the LABS Suite, allows all work processes to be fully supported from project development, planning and the implementation of experiments, to the examination of the manufactured products, through to evaluation.

How synthesis optimisation benefits you
Our LABS/R laboratory software can be used to manually restrict the number of experiments, or to do so supported by a statistical Design of Experiment. During fermentation, the experiments can be automatically transmitted to the machines or process control systems. The direct import of actual experiment results allows the production process for each individual experiment to be monitored and the results to be documented centrally. Because all information is stored in a central database, a variety of graphical and statistical evaluations can be performed and complex reports prepared and distributed. This enables seamless and faultless documentation and the straightforward re-use of your data, saving on both time and costs.



    Design of experiment


    Description of experiment series


    Automatic handling of experiments


    Recording of analytical and process-related results


    Support with evaluation and reporting


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