Modules in the LABS/R Laboratory Software

Project administration

The project administration module in LABS/R facilitates the administration of projects with specific information, e.g. type, target, cost centre, chemical reaction, additional sub-projects and formula (original formula), raw materials or substance group and products and residues. Depending on the type of project, the respective quantities are calculated gravimetrically or stoichiometrically. Individual substances can be classified to indicate whether they are neutralising agents, by-products, reference substances or volatile components.

Design of Experiment

Based on a project or sub-project using the formula stored (original formula) as well as definable basic functions and operations, the experiment can then be described as a basic formula in this module. As part of this process, individual substances and parameters of the basic functions can be defined as DoE parameters and their variation ranges (e.g. application quantity 1 to 1.3 mol in 3 steps, 80 to 100°C in 4 steps). Every change in an experiment is documented as a new version.

Evaluation and reporting

Upon completion of the experiment and the entire series of experiments, statistical and graphical evaluations can be requested both manually and automatically. It is also possible to use this module to create reports on projects or experiments, including experiment series, and to transmit them to other systems.

Description of experiment series (with or without DoE support)

Experiment series can be managed on the basis of the active experiments, the experiments already performed and the results. As part of this process, the individual experiments are planned in accordance with the details of the variation of the experiment and also based on the Design of Experiment (DoE) as well as previous results. On the basis of this planning, this module can be used to open 1 to n experiments (orders). Once the experiment has been completed, the results from production and from the inspection are available for evaluation.

Execution of series of experiments based on control formulas

Experiments include all process steps for production, e.g. weighing, mixing, stirring and extraction. The control formula is created for the individual experiment and transmitted to the PCS or the synthesis machine. Continuous monitoring (in-process controls) of production and the inspection of intermediate and final product batches is performed via the LABS/Q® LIMS from the LABS Suite. Final testing can involve more complex, technical tests, such as weathering tests or stability tests.



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