LABS Q – the flexible LIMS laboratory information software

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IT support is essential
Employees in analytical laboratories have a host of different tasks to perform. These tasks and work processes can vary greatly, depending on the organisation and the operational environment (R&D, quality control, environment, service laboratory, etc.). However, the general expectation is that work processes can be effectively and optimally supported by a LIMS.

As a general rule, so many measurement results are produced and processed in labs that IT support is indispensable even in smaller labs, since most lab instruments provide a wealth of digital data, from raw data and measurements to results.

The flexible LIMS laboratory information software
The LIMS LABS/Q® – as part of the LABS Suite – has, since the founding of iCD. in 1986, undergone continuous enhancement to accommodate our customers, on the basis of regulatory requirements and with respect to constantly changing IT requirements.

In the processing industry in particular (pharmaceutical & biotech, chemistry and petrochemistry, food and beverages, cosmetics, automotive etc.), our LABS/Q® laboratory information software has established itself in connected contract laboratories, but also in regulatory laboratories as a robust and extremely flexible system thanks to the possibility to configure it in a targeted, industry-specific manner as well as being noted for its high level of automation.

LIMS LABS/Q can automate processes and save costs
The LABS/Q® laboratory information software supports laboratories in the performance of analytical examinations from quote preparation, planning, sampling, sample management, sample preparation, testing, evaluation/assessment and usage decisions through to report and invoice preparation and statistical evaluation.

And that is not all: LABS/Q® LIMS also supports and simplifies test and measuring equipment monitoring, stability tests, hygiene and environmental monitoring and the entire laboratory management process, including capacity planning and scheduling, the documentation of training sessions and warehouse management.

Other important elements include the integration of measuring instruments and the central storage of data from the individual laboratory devices in a central database, which in turn can communicate with external company/customer applications, such as ERP systems (SAP), MES, PCS, CRM.


    Use in the processing industry
    Pharmaceutical and biotech, chemistry and petrochemistry and many more

    Supports laboratories, from quote preparation through to the entire laboratory management process.


    Save time and money




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