LABS Suite laboratory software for every infrastructure

The architecture of the LABS Suite laboratory software will enable you to implement the system within your own specific infrastructure.

Based on our 30 years of experience and constant optimisation of the LDS Suite, we have ensured our laboratory software is both versatile and multifaceted.

The structure of the LABS Suite is so flexible that the software can be easily adapted to the individual infrastructure of your laboratory, making it very easy to use.

The following aspects of the system will make integration into your infrastructure even easier:

  • Multi-tier application
    Consistent application distribution makes it possible for the system to be implemented in any infrastructure. As such, the database, the business logic, the graphical user interface (server/client GUI) and other components – e.g. a help system, web services, interfaces, etc. – are all completely separate from one another. They can be installed on a single computer or on a distributed computer network.

  • Cloud capability
    LABS Suite laboratory software can also be operated as a private cloud or public cloud-based solution, e.g. SAP HCP (HANA Cloud Platform) or as a hybrid cloud.

  • Works with any operating system
    The JAVA-based development can be used with all common operating systems.
  • Works with any database
    In principle, all SQL databases can be connected via the JDBC interface. Currently, the following products are used: Oracle, MS SQL Server and HANA DB

  • DMS for unstructured data
    The free Apache Jackrabbit content repository is also installed together with the standard system. This allows unstructured data such as documents, specifications, reports, evaluations, images, raw data, etc. to be managed in parallel to the LABS Suite objects, both manually and automatically. Other DMS/SDMS applications such as Open Text, OpenLAB ECM etc. can, of course, be integrated instead of Jackrabbit.

  • Use of industry standards
    All applications are developed, tested and documented consistently using industry standards such as JAVA EE, Eclipse, Maven, GIT, JCR etc.


    • Unlimited number of users and interfaces:
      This requirement is supported by means of a simple licensing model that covers users with full rights, users with read-only rights, and interfaces. This means that all modules, functions and interfaces are available to external applications and measuring instruments without additional licensing costs.

    • Multi-client capability
      User role profiles mean that only those modules and data that a user is entitled to see or modify are made accessible to that user. This also applies if the user accesses the database directly. Access control is supported through the specification of the following master data: division, plant, laboratory and business unit.
    • Time zones
      The use of time zones is supported consistently to ensure the system can be accessed by users located all over the globe.

    • Multilingual
      The LABS Suite supports multiple languages in its screens, report templates and data content. All languages are supported. The standard version comes with German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese translations of all screens. Translations into additional languages can be undertaken at any time on the customer side. For example, the system has already been translated into Flemish/Dutch, Chinese, Farsi and Georgian by our partners and customers.


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